Nick Arnold says:“When I was asked to write the Horrible Science of Submarines Exhibition for the Royal Navy Submarine Museum I never guessed what a huge hit it was going to be. Oh-er SILLY ME I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN – after all submarines are all about science!”

  • You have to know about the science of sinking to make them work.
  • You have to know about the science of survival to survive them.

And as for the Horrible Science – well, the whole story of submarines is oozing with crusty gory gruesome horrible bits. Take submarine food for example …

Exhibition highlights

Highlights? Where do I start? Well, I could tell you about the disgusting “pot mess” the submariners had to eat or their exploding poo fountain toilets or the deadly dangers of diving or the secrets of their stinky pants. There’s all this to see and more …

Here’s a sneak preview …

Visit the Exhibition

It’s brilliant. OK – so I am biased but then I am also very self-critical. Why not go see for yourself?

You can visit the Horrible Science of Submarines Exhibition any time the museum is open at no extra charge.


Royal Navy Submarine Museum,
Gosport, Hampshire

is open 10 am to 5.30 pm EVERY DAY
(from November to March it’s closed Mondays and Tuesdays except in the school holidays)

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