Thanks for your interest! If you haven’t already checked it out, why not look at the Nick Arnold show on this website. It’ll give you an idea of what I do …
My ideal family show …
A big family show for children and their parents. My favourite venue is a theatre and my preferred time is early evening. But I’m happy to be flexible – just let me know when and where! I always sign my books at the event.
Choose your show …
The Horrible Science Show – a compilation of the most Horrible activities, stories and facts based on the Horrible Science books. The show is always changing as new books are published and its content can be tailored to your event.
A special show – sometimes I write special shows based on my latest book. There may be one available!
My Horrible Life - a talk/lecture based on my life in which I read stories and demonstrate some activities.
As you might expect, the lecture is full of action and laughs!
E-mail me your details including your preferred venue, target audience size, and dates, etc.
If I’m available I’ll send you fee details and event preparation requirements without obligation.